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Eve Taylor Personalised Skin care

A highlight of wellness and care!

A customised treatment with oils and essences from Eve Taylor that refreshes your skin and makes it soft and shiny.

Based on your consultation and skin analysis your treatment may include a combination of some of the following:

Deep cleansing
Skin analysis
Manual Extractions
Pressure point Facial Massage
Scalp, neck and shoulder massage

  LittleWave Beauty Salon Dermilogica Skin Care

Body Treatments
Purifying Back Treatment
This treatment is the ideal stand alone service for clients who need the benefits of both stress relief and purification on their backs. Perfect for both men and women, even one treatment will leave the skin smooth while helping to combat any breakout activity and relax the muscles. A deep cleansing scrub is followed by extractions and then an aromatherapy massage designed for your back's most stressed out parts.

Full Body Exfoliation
Your body is dry body brushed to stimulate the skin and circulatory system. Then it is exfoliated using a hydrating salt scrub customised with aromatherapy essential oils, will help to smooth skin, relax stressed muscles and soothe the senses.

Little wave Therapeutic massage
With strokes and kneads the therapist loosens up your muscles and treats especially cramped and tensed parts of your body.

NeoDerma Face Treatments

Bio - Peeling
(Problem skin and rejuvenation)
All natural treatment that balances oily skin, reduces acne, dilated pores, hyperpigmentation and stimulates cellular renewal.

Bio - Peeling Light
(Sensitive skin, rejuvenation, skin problems)
All natural treatment that improves blood circulation, balances sensitive skin, reduces acne, dilated pores, hyperpigmentation and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

Bio - Lifting
(Lifting, firming face & bust)
Especially developed to boost the oxygen levels of the skin minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Tones, firms and hydrates the skin.

(Oily and Combination skin)
Based on Marine and plant extracts. It helps minimize oiliness, fights bacteria and soothes inflammation.

(All skin types)
A specific treatment with exclusive moisturizing properties that prevents essential water loss and minimizes fine lines caused by dehydration.

Little Wave Beauty Salon - Waxing Services



Berodin (hot wax) and strip wax (australian body care)
Depilatory waxing removes the entire hair with its root, it leaves the skin perfectly smooth and soft. Practiced regularly, it weakens and slows hair regrowth and produces results that last longer and longer.


Hand and Foot Treatments With OPI products

Hand soak, Nail shaping, Buff, Cuticlecare, Hand/arm massage, and Nail polish application of your choice.

Luxury Manicure
Rich in vitamins (A, E), antioxidants, essential oils to heal, sooth, tone and protect skin.
Treatment includes: Hand soak, Nail shaping, Buff, Cuticle care, Revitalizing hand scrub, luxury spa masque with warm mitts, Luxury hand/arm massage and Nail polish application of your choice.

Express File and Paint
An express File, Shape and polish for your fingernails.

Foot spa/pedicure soak, hard skin removal, foot scrub, cut and shape nails, Buff, Cuticle care, Foot/leg massage and Nail polish application of your choice.

Luxury Pedicure
With the therapeutic oils and creams to nourish, condition and invigorate tired, aching feet.

Treatment includes: Foot spa / pedicure soak, Hard skin removal, Cut and shape nails, buff, cuticle care, Rejuvenating foot scrub, Luxury spa masque with warm booties, Luxury Foot / leg massage and Nail polish application of your choice.

Express File and Paint
An express File, Shape and polish for your toenails.

French polish with manicure or pedicure

  LittleWave Beauty Salon Hand and Foot Treatments with OPI

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